Saturday, 18 November 2006

The First Blog Is the Deepest

I guess I should start by apologising to Mr Rod Stewart and I think it was Miss P P Arnold for 'borrowing' the title of the song they both recorded extremely well called The First Cut is the Deepest. Knowing where to start my first blog is the hardest part ... more realistically it is knowing when to finish because I'm not known for keeping things short and simple.

Okay, what it all about? Well for a kick off it is always good to express your feelings and there will be good as well as plenty of bad times that I am sure will reflect on the content of this page. So, with this in mind I can tell you that I will be writing from the heart about things that are near to my heart. Depending on my mood the subject matter might take many forms but I suspect there will be bits about football (soccer to you American folk) food, wine (the sort that can give you a headache) whine (the sort that resembles verbal diarrhoea) a sprinkling of controversy and a lot of opinionated crap.

Having outlined where I think this diatribe will be heading I hope there will be a few readers out there who may like to contest with me over bits I have said, or bits that I haven't. Feel free to express your views because this is the only way that we can keep this thing lively.

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