Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Brides Stretch the Boundaries With Intimate Portraits

When couples have been together for any length of time it can be difficult for a bride to know what to give to her groom as a very special present on their wedding day. For the man that has everything what can be more personal than a beautifully posed portrait of the bride … either nude or dressed in sensual lingerie? Surprisingly there are plenty of young ladies willing to make the effort to have this type of portrait taken as items that appeared in The Sunday Times and Femail in The Daily Mail will testify.
The trend for sensual portraiture has taken off in America where the term Boudoir Photography was adopted some time ago but glamour portraiture is fast catching on in the United Kingdom.
Some brides have taken the plunge by making an all out effort to lose a few pounds in weight so that they can look their very best when they visit the photographer’s studio. Many of the young ladies that are opting for this style of portrait tend to be the shy, reserved types and not necessarily those that are more extravert. But women today are far more liberated and if they have good bodies then there is nothing wrong in being proud of their attributes.
If care is taken over the photographer that is chosen, then there really is no need for the young lady to feel embarrassed or ill-at-ease. In the past I have asked to produced portraits of this kind for clients and it is important to create the correct ambience and to maintain everything on a highly professional level. I have found that my clients soon relax and enjoy being models for the couple of hours that it might take to produce an exceptional set of photographs. It always helps if the client brings along a female friend who can offer her encouragement. An album containing a set of stunning portraits should be viewed as a lifetime investment and is likely to cost in the region of £700.

As one lady, interviewed by the Daily Mail commented “When you see old people in the street, it’s hard to imagine them as young,. But when I am old and grey I’ll be able to look back on these pictures and think, yes … I did have pert breasts and a nice bottom. I want to tell my grandchildren that, actually, I used to be quite sexy”.

If you are thinking of having a tastefully intimate series of photographs taken there it is of course not necessary to be completely nude; this is entirely up to the individual. With the sensational styles in lingerie these days and experienced photographer can produce wonderful images of their clients that in years to come they will glad they had taken.

Although I have a great deal of experience of taking sensual portraits of my clients, if you prefer a lady photographer there are a few all-female studios that specialise in this type of portraiture.

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