Saturday, 19 February 2011


Watching the BBC’s excellent Madagascar programme the other day reminded me of a visit a couple of years ago to Woburn Safari Park with a friend of mine who was making a film for the Bedford Estates. Part of this involved visiting the Lemurs. We were assured by the keeper that these sociable animals posed us no threats. Nevertheless we entered their enclosure with trepidation but we soon were made welcome by these interesting animals and within moments one had decided to jump onto my shoulder and proceeded to sit on my head. They really are the most amazing creatures, full of character and extremely inquisitive. 

We spent a good hour with these wonderful primates and they seemed to enjoy our company as they continued to climb on us and sit on our arms, legs and shoulders. But, as soon as the sun made a break through the winter haze they started to line up, outstretch their arms in unison as if performing some kind of ritual, and lap up the rays. Getting to know Woburn’s various kinds of lemur was a fascinating and rewarding experience.

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