Thursday, 29 May 2008


The normal working British people are being thoroughly ripped off and our once great country has already gone to pot. The rich get richer, the poor poorer but there is also a middle ‘under class’ that has evolved that Gordon Brown is succeeding in bringing to their knees. This group forms the majority of good, honest workers that Brown is treating with total contempt. He seems blind to the fact that he is crippling the nation by taxing us to the hilt while he remains happy to continue to blow money on his pet schemes as well as a useless war in Afghanistan and a peace keeping mission that can never succeed in Iraq. All of this is bleeding the country dry. On this score it is interesting how the government steers clear of questions relating to what all of this is costing the tax payer and just how much money is being spent every time a missile is fired.

I believe that Gordon Brown is the most loathed prime minister in living memory; in fact I will go as far as to suggest that he is hated by a vast sector of the population. We don’t like his face; the way he stutters and stumbles whenever he refuses to answer simple questions and we certainly do not like the fact that he doesn't have any ears. If he had then he would hear what the public is saying and for once do something positive about the worsening economic situation he has created. What makes matters worse is the fact that he was never voted into power by the populace and he got there by default. There must be some question about the legality of this? Tony Blair must be chuckling to himself for letting his former colleague loose on the British people and we all know that Cherie is ecstatic. Blair’s action in letting the former chancellor take the hot seat should be deemed in itself an act of high treason which sadly is not worth pursuing because it is no longer punishable by the death sentence.

I feel it is time that an Englishman governed our country. The Scots most certainly would never entertain a Sassenach ruling their country so why should we permit a Scot to rule us? Perhaps Brown is an interloper sent here by those north of the border to destroy our country along with any self-esteem that we have left?

The Tax Payer’s Alliance has estimated that more than £101 billion … yes one hundred and one billion pounds of our money has been totally wasted by the former chancellor during the last year alone. This not only goes to fund a war that is killing and maiming our young soldiers, but is also blown on consultants the government hires but refuses to listen to and costly computer systems that are never likely to work. He pumps money into education and the National Health Service but completely in the wrong places that allows money to flow down the drain while areas that should be supported are left void of cash. One such example relates to the allocation of life enhancing drugs to cancer and Altzheimers patients that are given only to patients that live in the right places.

Then we come to fuel tax. We were told to buy diesel powered cars in favour of petrol and now at my local filling station there is already a 14p per litre price differential in favour of petrol. Everybody is affected by the cost of fuel and it reflects heavily in the prices of every commodity that we buy but Brown appears totally blind to the facts. Our haulage industry has long been under threat from operators from mainland Europe who not only fill their tanks considerably cheaper in France and Belgium before arriving on our shores but then add insult to injury by using our roads totally free of charge. Will there ever be a time when this prime minister comes to his senses? Nothing short of a major blockade or an all out strike by our truckers will be sufficient to make Gordon Brown realise exactly what he is doing to our nation. At a recent Prime Minister’s questions, the Milton Keynes Conservative MP Mark Lancaster put the direct question “Does the PM know what a litre of fuel costs?” Bumbling Gordon was unable to answer and had to rely on a prompt from Alistair Darling to provide an answer which only goes to prove how completely out of touch Brown is with reality. But of course, if he travels by road it is usually in a fuel guzzling Jaguar that is hardly environmentally beneficial and lucky Gordon never has to pay for a tank of fuel. Neither does he have to pay for his TV licence, his carpets, his furnishings, his kitchen … enough said. No, we pay for everything which probably comes down to his underwear.

Like all of these things, the continuing issue of taxes will hit the poorest the hardest. The so called green tax issues relating to increasing the road tax levied on older and supposedly more polluting cars will only hit those unable to afford to buy new, energy efficient vehicles. There is a strong argument here; if you can afford to buy a new car then you can afford to pay higher taxes but the situation will only apply in reverse by charging the poor extra because they cannot afford new cars and have to rely on older models to get to and from work. Could it be that the PM has a hidden agenda that he tries to disguise with green issues? Maybe this is a way of getting as many cars as possible off of the roads. But, if he succeeds then this will create mass unemployment and force countless businesses to go to the wall.

Then there is the issue of MPs pay and expenses claims. Are there any honest Members of Parliament remaining out there who are prepared to stand up and be counted on this issue of coming clean about their expenses? How can you respect a bunch of well-heeled bureaucrats that seem only intent on rubbing salt into the public’s already festering wounds by expecting to grab a 64% wage increase when the Home Secretary has failed so abysmally in the underhanded way that she has treated our police? Nobody else is allowed to get away with unjustified expenses claims nor can most people vote on and approve their own pay deals. The Speaker’s underhanded way of dealing with things has really put him in the spotlight and there is very real justification in ridding Parliament of this self-centred parasite. It is time to review the entire way that Parliament operates and for politicians to come clean about the vast sums of public money they are claiming to line their own nests. In the private sector company bosses that get up to a mere fraction of the tricks performed by the MPs would be sufficient to label them as corrupt embezzlers but a Member of Parliament (I refuse to use the term Honourable because that they are not) sees fit to award his or herself a massive pay award while the under-classes who really need the money are deemed unworthy. What Gordon should be doing is being forced to live on an average worker’s wage for a year and be subjected to all of our household expenses; only then would he start to appreciate exactly how difficult he is making life for the average British citizen. Sorry, did I say ‘life’? This was a slip of the tongue because Brown and his control freaks have succeeded in creating a nation that has had so much stuffing knocked out of them that they barely feel capable of existing.

One would have thought that the hammering Labour took at Crewe and Nantwich would have announced loud and clear that the party’s days are well and truly numbered. The only thing that might prove me wrong here is his reliance on the votes of the ‘free society’ and the Chavs that have prospered by his handouts. These number tens of thousands and my only fear when it comes to the election is that they might just remain loyal to their friend that feeds them. Typically Gordon Brown refuses to accept that the writing has long been on the wall and he has passed his sell by date. He is either blind or simply too stubborn to accept that in the party’s own parlance ‘he is not fit for purpose’ nor for that matter are the are the arse licking Cabinet members that he has around him. I cannot believe that they have any respect for a leader who appears to listen to nobody. But to be more to the point they are probably so scared to death of the man that they are unable to publicly register their disapproval. Behind the scenes one can only imagine the levels of sniping that is going on but there could be a light at the end of the tunnel if this causes New Labour and Gordon Brown to implode.

This government has come far closer to destroying our once proud nation than any Nazi bombs and it sucks. Come on Brown … it is time that you came clean and accepted that you simply are not wanted and step down because there is no way that a tyrant of your calibre should be running our country.

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