Friday, 23 October 2009


I happen to believe the BBC were right in allowing Nick Griffin on to the Question Time programmre last night and had they barred him from taking part it would have been another serious nail in the coffin for our democracy. Just because you don't agree with a person's views is not sufficient to gag them from speaking. I watched the programme with a keen interest but I was angered by the way it appeared to have be stage managed. Earlier in the day I had listened to John Prescott talking on Radio 5 when he claimed that the guests had prior knowledge of the questions that would be asked and that the 'invited' audience were 'plants'. I think he is probably right and Dimbleby went down in my estimation for his biased views and poor handling of the programme.

Nick Griffin is not the sort of man you warm to and much of what he and his party stands for is despicable; nevertheless there is no doubt in my mind that the programme was deliberately stacked against him. As such he and the BNP probably gained more than they lost but we will have to wait until the election to see how many voters will back the party. Although I hate what the party stands for, I am convinced support for them will grow mainly because of the lack of confidence voters have in the ability of the other parties to listen to the voters and act in their interests.

The mainstream parties can say all they like against Griffin and the views of his party but nothing will hide the fact that voters are increasingly concerned about the 'open doors policy' expressed by the Government towards immigration. Let's face it, they have not only failed to stem the flow of immigrants into this country but they have also lost track of thousands who have remained here illegally. We can only guess at these numbers but, like everything else, Labour's guesstimation is likely to be wildly inaccurate.

Jack Straw - who still has not answered a letter that I have repeatedly sent and e-mailed him since nearly a year ago - waffled around the problem and was typically evasive leaving Griffin to put across the real concerns of the people. Barones Warsi (Conservative) was far more controlled and gave a good account of herself as did Bonnie Greer who was also on the panel. The public are also rightly worried about voicing their opinions on immigration for fear of being branded as racist when clearly the majority are not. Many share my view that everything in this country is being stacked against hard working decent people while certain favoured groups (did I say bankers and MPs?) and the 'great unwashed' who are allowed to continue doing what they've always done and are left completely unchecked. People are deeply concerned at the drain increased numbers of people are having on our already shrinking resources that have reached breaking point and beyond. The immigration issues expressed by the majority have nothing to do with race or colour, and the Government must clearly understand this and allow the citizens of this country greater freedom to openly air their views. We are aware that the vast majority of immigrants are decent, law abiding citizens who contribute a lot to our country; but, the Government cannot be blind to the fact that there are also countless more that contribute absolutely nothing and are a drain on our system. It is this group that we are concerned about.

If the BNP dramatically increases its support to win a foothold in Parliament (providing Labour does not introduce a law to make the party illegal first) then the mainstream parties have every reason to be fearful. But they can really only blame themselves for failing the public on every count. At a time when MPs are despised for their abuse of the rules, they should be trying very hard to regain public trust, but they are not. Instead of listening to their constituents and addressing what they have to say, they are showing no signs of action. The future of this country is increasingly looking bleaker by the day and the intransigent attitude of Brown and his government are mainly to blame. We need urgent changes now - not pointless promises and lies - and if politicians continually refuse to listen to what we, the people have to tell them, the country will lose its status as a democracy. It is a time for honesty and integrity - a time for a new breed of politician to step forward who will truly represent the views of the people.

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