Sunday, 1 November 2009


Every day a new story appears in the quality newspapers that eclipses something that grabbed my attention previously for its gross stupidity. On Saturday, 31 October, the Daily Telegraph included a story about an elderly shopper who was prevented from buying two loose lemons - yes lemons - from an Aberdeen branch of Asda because the staff claimed that the fruit is dangerous!

The man, Chris Pether, 70, was told that health and safety rules prevented the sale of more than one loose lemon - although he could buy a pack of ten had he wished to do so. The reason behind this apparent ban on lemon sales, the man was told, was because local youths had taken to throwing them at people - along with grapefruits and oranges. When Mr Pether placed the lemons on the scales to be weighed a message flashed up to tell him that this was more than the maximum number he could purchase. When he told management that this was 'ridiculous', Mr Pether was told he had to buy them one at a time.

The customer eventually got his lemons - by paying for them in two transactions.

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