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"I have never smoked; it is something that has never interested me, so I appreciate the efforts of the inventor of an electronic cigarette designed to really help those that wish to quit who has also devised the Stop Smoking Scheme (SSS)"  Bob Bluffield

In what is believed to be the only scheme of its kind, a Hertfordshire business owner has endorsed a way to wean cigarette smokers off their habit using a specific brand of electronic cigarette. The plan is pro-active and is believed to be one of the most effective methods available to quit smoking. The Scheme works on the premise that by reducing the nicotine levels a smoker takes in until this reaches zero, will completely remove the desire to continue smoking. The dangers of smoking are well known.Tobacco contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals, at least 19 of them cancer causing ingredients; but nicotine is the one substance that hooks smokers in the first place and creates the addictive desire to continue the habit.    

The StopSmoking Scheme (SSS) has been created to work over a period of weeks or months (depending on the individual) by reducing a smoker's dependence on nicotine by using only one specific brand of electronic cigarette recommended by the Scheme. By adhering to the Scheme's recommendations, it is believed that existing smokers that join SSS will be more likely to quit smoking for good than by using any alternative anti-smoking products currently available including other, non-recommended brands of e-Cigs, nicotine flavoured gum and patches.

It may come as no surprise to learn that the innovator of a brand of electronic cigarette, Black and White, which is recommended by the Stop Smoking Scheme, is a lifetime non-smoking entrepreneur who has never been able to understand the attractions associated with tobacco or smoking in general.
Having grown up in a family environment of regular smokers, and with many of his friends addicted to cigarettes - Tony Miceli believed that the best way to give up smoking was never to start smoking in the first place. 

However while those around him continued to smoke - and become seriously ill from the habit - he was angered at being subjected to passive smoking and felt strongly commitment to assist those around him to quit the smoking habit. At one point he even took various family members to a hypnotist in the hope of finding a cure. But did t work? Well yes - but only briefly - as within 2-3 days all had started smoking again! 

"It is not just the inherent serious health risks we are all familiar with that concerned me" he said, "but the devastating affects it can have on families. There are literally millions of poor parents around the world that are struggling to provide even basic food for their children, yet they always seem to find the means to buy cigarettes. When everyone is aware of dangers of smoking, this can no longer be acceptable. Families are being crippled financially and babies are dying because they are living within close proximity of those that smoke. It concerns me ... it really does". 

Tony considered that being a silent bystander was no longer an option. He needed to act and realised that the explosion in the popularity of electronic cigarettes provided a massive opportunity to try and make a difference by assisting those smokers who genuinely wanted to quit smoking. After racking his brain for a solution he came up with a new and positive way to get smokers to quit by linking flavoured electronic cigarettes to a stop smoking campaign that he is confident will really work. 

When he researched the e-cigarette market, he was shocked to discover that the majority of these products were actually being produced and distributed by the major tobacco companies. This, to Tony, was like waving a red flag at a bull. He was unable to equate how commercial considerations were driving the morals of the tobacco industry. "They are not content to reap unbelievable profits from selling tobacco products to smokers, but, they have turned their attention towards those that are already making an effort to quit smoking by making money out of e-cig products that are meant to discourage smoking. The tobacco giants are, of course, only interested in making vast sums of money for their shareholders, so they are promoting e-cigs as a 'cool' and desirable way to smoke (or vape as they refer to it) that is comparable to the cigarette advertising we used to see until it was banned. Instead of discouraging people from smoking, I believe this could lead ultimately to some people losing their battles to quit smoking by using high nicotine e-cigarettes as a vehicle. I also feel by promoting 'vaping' in a positive way as the tobacco companies are tending to do  could encourage those that have never smoked, to take up the habit. This, in my opinion, includes young people who may be taken in by glamorizing e-cigarettes and 'vaping' in advertising in a way that might lead youngsters to start smoking".  

Tony believes the major cigarette companies have a hidden vested interest in attracting young people that could ultimately lead them to take up smoking tobacco products once they have become hooked on vaping using electronic cigarette products that contain high levels of nicotine flavouring. "The real message they should be promoting is that smoking in any form is definitely 'un-cool'. But, instead of trying to actively encourage smokers to quit the habit, the evidence suggests they are doing quite the opposite"
"My aim in setting up Black & White is not just to encourage existing smokers to quit, but more specifically to dissuade those that have never smoked from ever starting by joining the Stop Smoking Scheme. My aim is to two-fold, to help as many existing smokers as I can to quit; and to prevent non-smokers, especially teenagers, from taking up smoking in the first place". 

The Stop Smoking Scheme will be recommending Black & White as the e-cigarette of choice specifically because it is the only low-to-no nicotine electronic cigarette. It is widely accepted that electronic cigarettes are a much safer option to tobacco smoking as none of the 4,000 known toxic substances are contained in them that is present in tobacco smoke. Unfortunately, the majority of e-cigs still contain sufficient doses of nicotine to keep users hooked. "Adding high doses of nicotine to electronic cigarettes may benefit the major tobacco companies - but it is of no benefit to anyone genuinely committed to giving up smoking. This is where the brand officially recommend by the Stop Smoking Scheme is different as it has been specifically developed as the first e-cigarette brand in the world that actively discourages users to stop smoking - entirely. 

"Our philosophy is to attract smokers to our approved brand by removing the element that gets them hooked on smoking in the first place - NICOTINE".

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