Tuesday, 21 February 2012


A really great letter from my good friend in Western Australia, Dave Todd of David Todd Photography

What is happening?? Major problems. 

In the last week I have been on many ‘Arsenal blog sites’  just looking for something positive, but everyone is so annoyed & frustrated. 

For me it seems Wenger & the players on the pitch all have a similar mindset.

When a player gets tapped it’s all handbags and complaining. Get on with it. How many times does one of our midfielders stop play & shout when a tackle is made?

Every person in the land can see how Arsenal currently play, it is so telegraphed & predictable, goalie to centre back to full back , back and forth side to side. Yes we always have 60-70% of possession which amounts to stuff all if we don’t score a goal. Other teams love to give us all this possession, then they pick us off. We are too one dimensional, very little midfield imagination, we are still trying to thread the ball along the floor through six defenders at RVP’s feet. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012


With money tight eating is more of a treat for many of us but I am finding going to restaurants, particularly those owned by the large chains has evolved into a lottery. I am the first to offer praise when it is due - but more often than not I feel let down. Surely I cannot be alone in my view. 

You know the kind of thing that happens; you build a high expectation in anticipation of having a tasty meal and a really enjoyable experience but you end up thoroughly disappointed by the slow, sloppy  service and food that fails to live up to expectations. 

Last night was a classic example. My wife and I took friends to a lovely old pub, the Black Horse, alongside the Grand Union Canal at Great Linford, Milton Keynes. We hadn't eaten there for a few years. It was then called the Proud Perch and everything about the place was excellent. So, we had high hopes of renewing our acquaintance with the place by having a great dining experience. But, things didn't quite work out that way.
We'd pre-booked but found the bar to be crowded when we arrived so we positioned ourselves at a clearing at one end close to the dining area. Just two bar staff were frantically serving but ignored us for several minutes. Okay, they were busy - but a simple acknowledgement - a greeting suggesting 'somebody will be with you in a moment' would have been the kind of gesture expected. After being shown to our table it was quite a while before the waitress came. She was the only one serving about a dozen tables but she should have been able to cope. With several of the overhead spotlights not working, I had insufficient light to read the menu and my wife had to do this for me. I had to request a wine list. After asking if they had a Rioja and was informed 'we have Spanish Rioja'. Hmm! We asked for water (bottled and tap) but had to ask twice more when it hadn't arrived. We also asked repeatedly for the drinks ordered by our guests to be served. After some time  the wine came but with no decorum it was plonked on the table and left for us to pour ourselves. No big deal - but a modicum of basic staff training - or a level of customer interest from our waitress - would have ensured she at least made an effort.